Empowering the Q’eros Nation of Peru

Willka Yachay is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping indigenous communities thrive in the modern world.

We are empowering the next generation of the indigenous Q’eros Nation of Peru to become leaders who elevate their standard of living, guide their community toward sustainable modernity and revitalize their cultural identity.

Who We Help

Considered Peru’s last Inkan community, the Q’eros people are the wisdom keepers of the Andes.

What We Do

Together with the Q'eros, we build and sustain schools and implement solar programs, a weaving cooperative, music and cultural preservation projects; provide food and water security, a medical center, mother and infant care, and lead learning expeditions to Q’eros.

Our Education Initiative

Willka Yachay builds schools high in the Andes. We collaborate with Q’ero parents and elders on construction, administration and curriculum development. We employ culturally sensitive teachers and provide all supplies, nutritious food and national and international field trips.

Who We Are

Read our story and meet the Willka Yachay team.

Handmade Textiles

Browse textiles handwoven by the Q’eros. All proceeds from our shop directly support Q’eros communities.

Support our work

Help us help the Q’eros people to thrive and perpetuate the beauty and wisdom of their ancient culture.