In partnership with Q’ero families, Willka Yachay offers expeditions to individuals and groups who appreciate the Q’eros, support their sustainable development, seek a strong intercultural connection with them, and wish to learn from their teachings.

Few have the opportunity to visit Q’eros. Those who are invited to meet them and travel to their out-of-this world beautiful home are changed forever. Willka Yachay would love to collaborate with you in meeting the goals of contributing to and learning from the Q’eros.

Our director, Hannah, will make expedition arrangements, coordinate with Q’ero presidents and accompany you on your visit to Q’eros. We can help reserve hotels in Cusco, retreats in the Sacred Valley and visits to sacred sites with licensed guides. All proceeds support Willka Yachay schools and programs in Q’eros.


We will arrange a sustainable community development project that you may support. Past visitors have painted a school, built clean stoves, and helped maintain greenhouses, among other activities.


Depending on the time of year, visitors may be able to experience Inkan weaving and farming, and to participate in traditional spiritual ceremonies.

Our guides, translators, cooks, and horse wranglers are all from Q’eros and take pride in sharing their culture and community with visitors. This work is one of the main ways they make a living.


Willka Yachay offers talks by our teachers in Cusco, the Sacred Valley and in Q’eros. These discussions cover ancestral Andean and Inkan culture and wisdom — including Inkan math!

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